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About Odnos.io

The modular CRM software in the cloud for your business and its comunication.

Odnos.io helps your business to manage the main actors of your business.


With a friendly user interface, Odnos.io allows your users to get access to all the important data of your business.


Odnos.io helps your business to get all the customers information organized and to do an effective tracking.

Product and Services

All your products and services can be uploaded to Odnos.io offer an easy access to its information.

The CRM software solution for your business and users

All you need for your business control about customers relationships and their projects, services or purchases.

With this software your business or organization will improve the control and comunication inside it and become more efficient.

Whenever and wherever you want or not...

Your users by default can connect to Odnos in any place at any time, you decide it.

But if you want, you can block remote access and establish a rule to only allow your business users to login in a specific device.

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Modulus you can use in your CRM

Odnos.io is prepared to cover all the necesities of your company, not only to works like a CRM, Odnos.io has other options to offer in its modulus.


Like a normal CRM but more powerful, manage your customers information and don't let the tracking get lost.

Products and Services

Upload the catalog of products and services of your company for consultation and statistics generation.

Products Inventory

Manage the existence and availability of your business products. If you need it, you can connect the inventory to your web.


From the catalog of products of your company generates quotes easily and quickly for your customers.

Projects and Services

Create and track on each project and services of your customers, don't loose the tracking of the progress and payments.


Assign tasks to users for monitoring and actions with clients, projects and services. Know the progress of work by periods of time.


Get stats of customers and how your users is working with them.


Control all your adversting campaigns to get important stats.


Know when your users are connecting and disconnecting.


A special object perfect if your business is a car agency.


The perfect object for your real state business, but you know it.


Register your branches and know their important data.


Save and organize up to 5 GB * of files and documents within Odnos.io.


Keep all your incomes and expenses ordered and linked to your customers.

Tax Billing

Use Odnos.io to send tax invoices to your customers easily using only one software.

Why choose Odnos?

We know Odnos.io is a complete CRM software solution for your business, but why?

A Modular Solution

Your business doesn't need all the modulus that Odnos.io has, thats the reason you can choose only the modulus your business requires.

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Friendly and Simply

Odnos.io does not requires a technical knowledge to use it, so anyone of your business users can use it whereever they are.

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Fully Customizable

Using meta-objects you can fully customize Odnos.io according to your business necesities. If you need helpwith this, our team can help you with any cost.

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